Our Vision

To Enjoy Jesus

The Bible describes our relationship with Jesus as that of a bride and groom — one of close fellowship and mutual pleasure. (Eph. 5:32) God’s did not save us to be slave labor, but so that we might delight in Him as His beloved Church. Worship can be defined as expressed delight. Therefore, to enjoy Jesus is the root of worship “in Spirit and in truth”. This is the ultimate calling of every Christian.

To Stand Fast in Grace

Grace is the foundation of our relationship with God. We cannot earn God’s favor, but through Jesus’ sacrifice for us we can stand clean before God. Scripture says that He has us made beautiful in Christ (Eph. 1:6). Grace is the basis not only of our forgiveness, but also for our blessing and acceptance by God. We believe that as we came to God with nothing, relying only on His grace, so we must continue to come every time (Col. 2:6). We do not only begin our walk with God by grace, but by grace we continue to walk to the end.

To Live in Love

In Jn. 15 Jesus commanded His disciples, “Abide in My love… love one another as I have loved you.” First and foremost, we must abide in His love for us. Only then will we be able to love one another. This love for others flows out as a result of our relationship with God. The Bible says that God is love. (1 Jn. 4:8) Therefore, when we love one another, we allow Jesus to live through us and we are transformed into His image.

To Reach the World

We are called to reach the world with the Gospel. To do this, we must love one another. Jesus said, “The world will know you are Mine by the love you have for one another.” Our world is perishing in sin and desires love above all else. God wants us to show Him to the world in our love for one another and, in so doing, reach the world for Christ.