We’re glad you’re here! We want to help you get to know Jesus better as well as learn about our church. If you’re in Svitlovodsk and looking for a church, we invite you to visit our Sunday service. You can learn more about what happens at our Sunday services here. If you’re not in Svitlovodsk, you can find a Calvary Chapel near you here.

Maybe you’re not a Christian yet, but landed on our site because you’re asking spiritual questions. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your questions! The thing we want to share with you more than anything is the Gospel—the good news that God has already done everything for our salvation! You can learn more about the Gospel here.

Maybe you have doubts about God’s existence or Christianity. There are a lot of difficult questions in life and we’d be glad to discuss those topics with you. We believe that God encourages people to ask serious questions. On the contrary, when a person doesn’t think deeply or ask questions, he won’t find answers. It’s not always easy to answer difficult questions, but we believe that Christ has the answers.

If you want to learn more about Calvary Chapel, what we believe and why we exist, you can read more about our vision and our beliefs. You’ll also find links on these pages to sermons with more information on those topics.

We invite you to visit our church and discuss whatever questions you have in person every Sunday at 12:00. Here’s how to find us. If you have other questions, we’d be happy to answer. Write us!